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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I afford your services - What are your fees?
‚ÄčIf the case is investigated and found to be meritorious, I will inform you of what I believe to be a reasonable contingency fee. Again, at that time, you would be free to go to any other lawyer you choose if you do not feel like I am reasonable. I am allowed under the canons of ethics to advance all necessary litigation expenses, but please understand those expenses will be recouped and recovered from your portion of the successful outcome of the case. 

How long will this process take?
There is no clear answer. Many defendants and insurance companies drag their  feet and try to delay the conclusion of the case. With the contingency fee, I do not get paid until you do. There is clear incentive for my law firm to push your case for an early conclusion. Unfortunately, there is a backlog in some courts, often lawyers and expert witnesses have conflicting schedules,  and there could be many developments which will delay or speed up the conclusion of the case. I only accept a limited amount of cases so I can push those that I do accept.

Will you take my case?
I only accept meritorious cases. Sometimes the meritorious case question can be answered almost immediately. In other instances, the law firm needs additional time, effort, and investigation to determine whether the case is meritorious. If you have been seriously injured, I will use all of my resources to help you. If your case is found to be non-meritorious, I will notify you immediately. Because of the small number of cases I accept, I develop strong personal relationships with my clients.