Law Office of Jim Ammerman II

Association Notice

The Law Office of Jim Ammerman II regards the establishment of an attorney/client relationship to be one of the most important in life. As such, we encourage our clients to compare attorney track records, ask the appropriate questions, and create a comfortable feeling of trust that is essential in our law firm performing its job for the client.
While the law firm is based in Marshall, Texas, we have handled cases throughout Texas. Usually, we do so after establishing a local counsel  relationship with an attorney practicing in the location where the trial will take place.
The Law Office of Jim Ammerman II will grant permission to any person or group which desires to link to this website and, specifically, encourages websites interested in child advocacy to link with us in the advancement of children rights issues, and encourages websites interested in the safety of Law Enforcement Officers and Firefighters to link with us also.

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Marshall, Texas