Attorney at law
Marshall, Texas
We offer a wide variety of services in preparing Last Wills and Testaments, Powers of Attorney including Medical Powers of Attorney and General Powers of Attorney, Advanced Directive to Physicians (sometimes called Living Wills) and establishment of Trusts either in a Will or Trusts that will operate during the lifetime of the person creating the Trust and thereafter.

Personal injury

We accept meritorious cases of injuries caused in a wide variety of circumstances including automobile collisions, truck collisions, oil field injuries, defective product injuries, workplace safety injuries, railroad and premises liability injuries.

Law Office of Jim Ammerman II

Wills, Trusts,

 and Power of attorney

Local Counsel

Our office was originally established in 1968 by Jim Ammerman II's father. Jim's dad served as County Judge for Harrison County from 1968 to 1973.

Jim Ammerman II was elected County Court at Law Judge of Harrison County in 1996 and re-elected four times. Jim chose not to run for re-election and has been in private practice since 2016. We are happy to say that we enjoy an outstanding relationship with all law enforcement agencies and officers and with schools and teachers through Jim's work as a juvenile Judge. Over the years since our inception, we have been very blessed to have come to know many of Harrison County's residents.

We have likewise been blessed to enjoy a respectful relationship with all of those who serve on the bench in Harrison County and have always been grateful to have this reputation with the Judiciary.